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As a designer, I’ve worked with various brands over the last 20 years. Helping teams work out large scale omni-channel plans, I’ve witnessed how heavy workload contributes to creative stagnation. When this happens, big projects end up getting sourced externally and talented in-house creatives feel passed over and start to lose their passion.


Your in-house team has the most knowledge of the brand and are passionate about protecting brand integrity. But designers need a regular stream of creative payoff to keep them energized. Wonderful ideas that make everybody go YASSSSSS, that’s exactly what we were looking for!

This is very motivational and gives creatives an important feeling of ownership over their projects.


You hired these people because you value their talents and they in turn, love the brand and want to make it strong, with all their hearts. It’s important to nurture this symbiotic relationship and keep the fire burning. You enable them to produce great work and they will also be more helpful briefing and guiding external sources when needed.


With the just right atmosphere, creative people are very good at generating innovative ideas. Inspirational and extremely contagious.

It’s like this amazing kind of snowball effect. One big creative snowball gaining steady momentum faster and bigger until it smashes into one breathtaking spray of project genius, onlookers shrieking FABulous!!!

How do you get your people snowballing into breathtaking inspiration on a regular basis, while maintaining brand identity and being on top of project workload?

I stimulate talent in creative teams to full potential by challenging them in workshops & brainstorm sessions

why me?

When I was a kid I had 2 main superpowers, drawing, and memorizing tv commercials. I used to drive my mom and dad crazy reciting every single commercial that came on tv.

I loved the social impact advertising had. So when I could choose my courses at school, I jumped into art and graphic design to start learning how to make my own social impact.

Everything I did has been related to art & design, even my part-time jobs. I worked at a photography shop developing photos and selling cameras. I worked at a framing shop. I even volunteered painting kids faces at the local art centre. My soul has thrived in creative environments.

As a digital designer for the last 20 years, I’ve been translating my superpowers into marketing communication design tools. Now I want to take it a step further and help teams reach their full potential. Collaboratively, I’m helping other creatives find their sweet spot. And doing so, helping teams thrive and brands make a stronger social impact.

my journey


Art Student

It all started with my mom asking me what I wanted to be when I grew up. Every year it was the same, an artist. I made that happen.

In-house Designer

Being pragmatic (I didn’t want to starve), I pivoted into graphic design, working at various companies and for lots of big brands.


I took the leap to work for myself 10 years ago. Now not only a designer, but an accountant, a marketeer, an IT prof, developer, a perpetual student…

My superpowers


Good Listener

I’m really good at paying close attention and asking good questions that start good conversations. What are they really saying and what does it mean?

Critical Thinker

Taking input from conversations I can read between the lines, look at real situations and come up with great ideas to improve things.

Super organised

I have an uncanny ability to structure and maintain large volumes of information. Really good for finding the good stuff again later.

“If your dreams don’t scare you,
they are too small.”

Richard Branson


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