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Digital content package: email newslettersocial media posts and HTML5 media banners.

Email Newsletter

In this newsletter, I used a combination of campaign images and packshots, providing both brand awareness and highlighting product USPs.

Animated Content

To add to their library of moving content, I created a series of animated social posts, finding creative solutions using static images which they could use in their stories, feed and advertising.

Social Carousel Posts

 2 carousels were designed to pique interest and encourage full swipe through carousel browsing.

Upper Funnel Media Banner Set

Kipling wanted to build awareness with potential new customers, helping them emerge from the competition as the top choice. I designed a package of HTML5 ads using inspirational campaign imagery to make eye-catching animated banners.

Mid Funnel Media Banner Set

In order to attract customers back to the website, who had already been, Kipling needed a series of informative, value based banners. I created this animated series combining collection packsots and a strong USP photo.