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Maasmechelen village

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To complement the physical shopping experience, I helped energize the online presence of the designer outlet by creating a series of html5 animated banners and ads.

Elegant, simple. Ad banners do not have to be obtrusive to be noticed.

Belgian designer, Charles Kaisin was commissioned to create this stunning scenography for a Maasmechelen campaign. The art clearly took center stage, but the communication was equally important.

I blended the two using subtle yet eye-catching animation to lend a surrealistic feel to this HTML5 advertisement.

Animated leaderboard as part of a campaign website takeover.

HTML5 Media Banner Set + Social Post

When designing ad banner sets, I always apply a unique design for every size, paying special attention to layout and readability. I find that responsive designs, where the elements change placement automatically, often turn out awkward and unreadable. Particularly smaller mobile sizes often need a complete separate approach.