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Landing Page Design

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WE Fashion came to me to create a series of customer experience landing pages to promote their new personal shopper service, targeted to men. I designed the flow of pages to guide the customer from prospect to loyal ambassador.

Together with the client, I brainstormed content and functionality to enhance user experience and leverage page effectiveness.

A few dynamic effects were implemented, such as sliding images and an interactive testimonial module. See here below for a prototype. Additional bounce and ease animation effects were briefed for the development team in the wireframes.

To create the best experience for mobile users, the pages were designed individually for mobile devices, with special attention to content layout and functionality variations, such as the testimonial slider, which switched over to an arrow controlled slider on mobile to save space.

With a 2 week project timeframe, it was a challenge, but I am not a stranger to tight deadlines.

I was able to complete the entire online customer funnel, with revisions, 4 days ahead of schedule. This enabled WE Fashion to go live, on time, on their planned launch date.